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“Born on a fault line of trauma and emotional wreckage…”

Louise Stanger stumbles through deceptions, substance abuse, unexpected deaths and mental health disorders. Discover her journey, through laughter and tears, as you become inspired to own your life with a spirit of renewal.

Dr. Louise Stanger is a highly sought after interventionist, as well as lecturer, professor, clinician, and trainer. Dr. Stanger has developed and refined her invitational method of mental health and substance abuse interventions using the well-established research methodology of portraiture. She and her teammate have performed thousands of family interventions throughout the United States and abroad.

She is a published author and her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Journal of Alcohol Studies, Recovery View, Sober Way, and various other magazines and scholarly publications. In addition, the San Diego Business Journal listed her as one of the top 10 “Women who Mean Business” and she was ranked as one of the top 10 Interventionists in the Country.

Louise received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Pittsburgh, Master’s in Social Work from San Diego State College, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of San Diego. She has served as faculty at San Diego State University School of Social Work and SDSU Interwork Institute as well as been the Director of Alcohol and other Drug Services at the University of San Diego.

She is known for lively, informative, customized and invigorating presentations for staffs, families and clients. Most recently Foundations Recovery Network, 2014 Moments of Change Conference, proclaimed Dr. Stanger the “Fan Favorite Speaker”. Her memoir, Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal was published January 2016.

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What Does “Falling Up” Mean?

Life is full of moments that feel like you’re falling. For Louise Stanger, born into a tipsy-turvy world, that didn’t stop her from making a life of her own. In her book – Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal – Louise shares personal stories infused with a spark of human experience we collectively share — hope. You’ll follow her story from awkward little girl to fearless adult, through family tragedies and triumphs, mental health and substance abuse disorders, daring the reader to reflect and own their story. Because according to Louise, we all fall, and with strength and courageous action, the journey takes us up.

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Discover Dr. Stanger’s Powerful Journey


“25 seconds ago I finished your book after picking it up yesterday morning, as it arrived in the morning mail. I picked it up and was hooked from the first page.

Thank you not only for the wonderful gift of this book but thank you for leading the life that led to it and knowing the value that sharing it held for the rest of us.

Your great talent is that you are a once in a generation storyteller. I believe it is God’s greatest gift and demands that those who possess it live in dharma which you so clearly do, telling your story and being driven to write, write, write. What a gift to share! What a feeling of calm and commonality I felt pouring over these pages.”

— S. S., a Reader


“Louise Stanger’s book FALLING UP reaches out from her good heart, her long experience, and her profound insights. Her work reminds us that FALLING UP in life is a challenge to the gravitational forces at play only if we refuse to deal with what is pulling us down and holding us down. Thank you Louise; we are all served by this reminder. And your caring.”

— Noah benShea, International Best Selling Author, Poet, & Philosopher


“Dr. Stanger’s powerful, moving and deeply personal memoir is a stunning testament to the resilience of the human spirit. As I read, I was caught up in the lives, and the times, but, perhaps most importantly, the triumph of recovery that is Dr. Louise Stanger.”

–MACKENZIE PHILLIPS, musician, actress, and author of High On Arrival: A Memoir


“…the powerful story of a hero’s journey. Dr. Stanger’s story is personal and authentic… full of the extraordinary people who grace our lives without fanfare. Reading Dr. Stanger’s story was, for me, cathartic and salutary. If you want to connect with hope and healing, read this book.”

–BRIAN O’SHEA, CAI, Caring Interventions


“The first page captured me – there was no putting down this book. Dr. Stanger’s family members are clearly conveyed by their words and tone of voice… a real art… [as] you reveal their faults, and yet allow for their redemption. [Dr. Stanger’s] life story proves that resilience requires great courage. In defiance of a turbulent childhood and personal tragedies, she boldly emerges wise and strong – a woman of substance – never once whining for sympathy. From counseling families deep in the quagmire of addiction, to staging interventions, to educating professionals in [social work], Dr. Stanger’s philosophies and techniques prove solid and innovative. And oh, the people she has helped along the way… my family and I included… among many.”

–LINDA GOFF, A Very Grateful Client


“…my profound appreciation for [Dr. Stanger] giving your knowledge, your expertise, your experience, and most of all your heart and authentic self. I had listened to you on an intervention webinar about a year and a half ago and loved just listening to you. If there is a role model for me professionally and personally it is you. I hope that all of your challenges are enriching and your successes are fulfilling but mostly I hope that your humility is infectious as I would love to be like that with others.” 

–STEPHEN TIMMER, JD, CAS, Sea of Solutions Florida


“…beautifully, authentically crafted. Dr. Stanger weaves seamlessly between fearlessly detailing her own personal tragedies and adversities and sharing with us the growth, wisdom and value such events have played in her life. A remarkable and thought-provoking read.”

–DAVID ZINT, Motivational & Wellness Coach, and Senior Instructor at Soul Cycle


“What a compelling personal journey she gives us… a chaotic childhood, a turbulent first marriage, the loss of a child, excellence in academic life and love of family. No surprise that the resilient Louise Stanger has a gift for imbuing those she counsels with the confidence and support they need in dealing with families challenged by alcoholism and addiction. Louise stood with me five years ago during a frightening period in my family’s own journey, and her written voice sounds exactly as she talked with me over a cup of tea in my living room. Her words and understanding helped my family find recovery, strength and hope.”



“…a powerful memoir that sets the stage as… ‘being born on a fault line of trauma and emotional wreckage.’ With great insight, wit, and healthy recovery, this is a valuable read for others who have found themselves riddled with intergenerational trauma and addictions.”

-CLAUDIA BLACK, PH.D., Author of It Will Never Happen to Me and Changing Course


“Dr. Louise Stanger has written an informative memoir that confronts the problems in living with mental health and substance abuse in her family, however, noting they also “demonstrated talent, resilience, courage and bravery.” She seeks to uncover the grey aspects of the human condition and in this way is able to help others. A must read.”

-FATHER LEO BOOTH, Author of The Wisdom of Letting Go


Louise Stanger has written a dramatic memoir of overcoming and triumph. The raw narrative of “Falling Up” takes the reader through an incredible life journey to an inspiring conclusion. Dr. Stanger shares her keen insights with humor and passion. The story of a lifetime.

JEFF JAY, author of “Navigating Grace”



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In my book, FALLING UP: A MEMOIR OF RENEWAL, I’ve captured some of life’s special moments: a bucket list of memorable moments that feed my gratitude. While some moments were challenging, others rewarding, all have been ultimately transforming. Here’s an excerpt from the book:


Grandchildren, like sunflowers, grow toward light.
They’re orbs of infinite loving light, traversing our terrestrial heavens, crossing the sky and falling lovingly in our laps. To be part of their lives is an extraordinary gift. Having never had a grandparent, I can only imagine what fun they missed out on without playtime with me. I would watch my mom play with her granddaughters. It was like she was a different person – they play games, color Easter eggs, nibble on party plates, paint their nails with outlandish decals long before it was chic. They even have their own special seats at the local Outrigger Bar.


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